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Why Train my Dog?
By David W Batesl

This is a question often asked by many pet dog owners followed by “He’s not a working dog and I don’t intend entering him in obedience trials or any similar competitions so why should I bother?” . The answer is easy, training is an absolute MUST.

There are many reasons for training, some obvious but all valid. I have listed just some for you to consider as a way of achieving a harmonious relationship between you and your pet.

  1. Safety:-
    An obedient dog is a safe dog. In the home there are potential dangers everywhere, chemicals in the kitchen and bathroom, dangerously hot places, breakages and spillages are just a few. In the outside world, busy roads and traffic, other dogs and animals, can all be dangerous. Just learning the four basic commands, Come, Sit, Stay and Leave will all help avoid many of these dangerous situations turning into a disaster.
  2. Socialisation:-
    Your dog’s behaviour could lose you friends, ruin your house and garden and generally make you feel uncomfortable in all kinds of situations. Training your dog to behave well can avoid conflict in the household, with neighbours and visitors. Chasing other animal, growling at or jumping up on strangers, running off on walks in unfamiliar territory can all be avoided with simple training. Doubtless both you and your dog want to feel he is part of the family and in the same way you expect your children to behave in the home you should expect this of your dog also. The ability for a dog to recognise what is good behaviour comes from training and knowing boundaries and limits.
  3. Travel:-
    What could be worse on a long car journey than an unruly dog, jumping all over the seats, trying to get next to you in the front of the vehicle and behaving in a generally dangerous manner. Yes you can restrain you dog in a seat belt, harness or crate but these solutions bring their own problems if your dog struggles or howls in annoyance and frustration Training your dog to obey your commands and also trust you can avoid this happening, through training you dog will develop feelings of trust and come to recognise that much of what you ask him to do is for his own good and brings you pleasure.
  4. Saving Money:-
    Not as selfish as it might appear. Breakages, chewing your possessions, destroying your garden plants can all be costly. Injuries to your dog through accidents can involve you in expensive vet bills and in this increasingly litigious modern world a well behaved dog could save you from paying potentially costly, legal charges. An ill-behaved, unruly dog can be a costly dog!

These reasons can, I’m sure, be expanded into many other areas of your lifestyle but I hope that my suggestions will help answer your questions about the necessity of training and convince you, as a responsible owner, that by training your dog to be obedient will bring you both all kind of rewards.
Finally, you may think you do not have sufficient time to devote to training or feel you do not have the necessary skill and expertise, so you decide to use a professional trainer for all training. This route will almost certainly result in a well-trained dog, but at the cost of denying both you and your dog important side effects from your training sessions; bonding, better understanding of your dog and a long lasting friendship can all result from the time you spend in training your dog.


















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